John David Hoag is a Professional NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist located in Northern California's "Silicon Valley" region, South of San Francisco. He conducts private NLP Training, Coaching and Therapy sessions in person in his Menlo Park office, and by telephone with clients around the world.

John is a Certified NLP Trainer and Consultant, NLP Health Practitioner, NLP Coach, and NLP Master Practitioner. He is Certified in the State of California as a Hypnotherapist. He is a 1974 graduate of The American University in Washington, D.C. where he studied Interdisciplinary Communication.

John has coached corporate teams and individuals in best communication practices for over 20 years. He held Director and Management level positions at Stanford University, Adobe Systems, Altavista, The Whole Earth Lectronic Link, and Women's Wire.

John now runs NLP Learning Solutions in Menlo Park, CA. As a Professional NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist, he works with individuals and couples to resolve problems and achieve success in every area of life.

John's style is welcoming and supportive, as well as direct. He maintains the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

John works with both simple and complex issues. Private NLP sessions can be arranged on an hourly basis, or on money saving monthly or quarterly tracks.

You are invited to request a 20 minute phone consultation, at no charge, to discuss your needs, ask questions, and evaluate how John can help you resolve your problems or reach your goals.

The best way to contact John is to use the Easy Contact form on this website. Click here.

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San Francisco Bay Area, Menlo Park, California, and Worldwide by Phone
Integrity ~ Experience ~ Vision
"John is incredibly gifted. He truly understands the deeper structure of our human experience, and how it effects his client's life.  

"He has a rare ability to quickly pinpoint the unconscious blocks that keep his client's from being their best selves– and he knows exactly how to guide them to their next level of success.

"In addition to being a great therapist and a wonderful coach, John is also down to earth and warm hearted as a person. I've referred numerous coaching clients to him over the years, and he's also one of our top referrals for NLP therapy."

Kristine Hallbom ~ Founder
The NLP Institute of California