What age groups do you work with?

I work with adults of all ages, 21 and over.

Young Adults

Creating great relationships, gaining self-confidence, and moving forward to our life dreams make this an exciting time to be alive.

Strategizing an excellent career is both effective and challenging. Setting core values, direction and goals, and following through to action together create rewards that last a lifetime.

Young adults who take the time to align themselves within and overcome their obstacles have a tremendous advantage in all the years that follow. They are more successful, more resourceful in the face of challenges, and enjoy life more completely.

Middle Adults

With the additional experience that comes with middle adulthood, certain limiting factors resulting from earlier life experiences may become apparent. It can be a confusing time – with tremendous potential for discovery.

Every middle adult makes adjustments and course corrections. It may be a time to re-evaluate and consider significant changes in order to move forward in more fulfilling ways. We may revitalize postponed dreams, recapture enthusiasms, and find better ways to reach our goals.

Mature Adults

Mature adults can be among the most creative, intelligent and enthusiastic of all – partly because of our life experience, and partly because we understand there is no time like the present to make the most of life.

It is a time to ensure that we accomplish our life's mission, to take care of ourselves in positive ways, and to appreciate life to the fullest. We may feel conflicted about aging, time or health. It may be an opportunity for healing old wounds and making peace with ourselves. We may wish to put hurtful memories to rest, forgive and move forward, and overcome remaining barriers to our joy and fulfillment.

It's never too late to be happy, improve health, keep learning, do something important, and enjoy every moment of life.

Children and Teenagers

All of my clients must be at least 21 years of age.

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