What are your credentials?

I am a professional NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist.  I began private practice in the Summer of 2001. Prior to that I held director and management level positions at Stanford University, Adobe Systems, Altavista, The Whole Earth Lectronic Link, and Women's Wire.

I graduated from The American University, Washington, D.C., where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Communication in 1974.

Interdisciplinary studies focus on the emergence of new knowledge and applications where multiple fields intersect. NLP grew out of the interdisciplinary studies program at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the early 1970s. The focus of my interdisciplinary studies at The American University was human communication. Over a period of 4 years, I took courses in the integration of communication, psychology, literature, philosophy, mythology, drama, music and film.

I began the study of NLP in 1997. I have received 800 hours of formal training in NLP and hypnosis at the top training institutions in the field.

I studied with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier, two of the original developers of NLP, at The NLP University where I received the following certifications:

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, 2001

NLP Trainer & Consultant, 2002

I am Certified in the State of California as a Hypnotherapist by The NLP Institute of California.

Additional certifications from The NLP Institute of California include:

NLP Coach, 2002  (Dilts, Hallbom, Elfline)

NLP Health Practitioner, 2003  (Dilts, Hallbom, Smith)

I founded NLP Learning Solutions, Menlo Park, in early 2002.

My personal mission is "to help people make real and lasting progress on the path to their most important life goals."

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