What are NLP sessions like?

NLP sessions are custom designed to explore your full potential and overcome problems in a caring, effective way.

From the beginning, you participate fully in setting direction and staying focused on results.

The process of NLP is one of self-discovery and self-change. NLP does not impose ideas on you. You decide what you want, and NLP helps you get there.

During sessions we take a number of different approaches according to where you are at the moment, what you want, and what you are ready for next.

Not every session involves a formal NLP process, but all sessions use NLP in some form. I may invite you to consider new perspectives and challenge you to use your best efforts and imagination. I may suggest "fun @ homework" assignments between sessions -- such as 'trying on' a new way of thinking and perceiving, or practicing something you have learned. Doing so keeps momentum going between sessions and opens opportunities for accelerated progress.

I ask all clients to bring a notebook and pencil to sessions so they can take notes and evaluate progress.

Phone clients are requested to use a cordless headset, if possible, so that both hands are free and movement is easy.

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