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Specialization: Abuse Recovery
Recovery from physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse

If you've ever been the target of abuse, you know that the effects continue long afterwards. Abuse contains an added dimension of meaning about the abuser and his or her intentions, about one's own presence in the abusive situation, beliefs about one's potential fault either in participating in it or allowing it to continue, and the nature of the relationship between the abuser and oneself.

Abuse impacts identity, self-worth, emotions, behavior and personal safety, as well as future relationships.

Some of the neuro-linguistic patterns commonly present in abuse are double-binds, subtle influence, interjected limiting beliefs, self-other confusion, power-over "meta programs," and physiological responses ranging from tension to immune system disorders.

Although abuse does not always escalate to physical violence, its effects are, themselves, violating and should always be taken seriously as a danger to the person being abused.

I help clients reverse the effects of past abuses and craft healthier, happier futures in which abuse is no longer present.

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