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Specialization: Anxiety
Chronic fears, negative expectations, dread, anxiety, and habitual worrying

I work with clients to resolve chronic fears and change repeating patterns of anxiety so that concerns can be addressed in more functional and resourceful ways.

Anxiety and all of its forms have two things in common:

Anxiety is often treated, by psychiatrists, with medications because it is historically non-responsive to traditional talking therapies. It is, however, responsive to NLP.

By working with the way your brain codes the future, your patterns of expectation and perception, and by paying careful attention to issues of personal ecology, safety, and appropriate behaviors, you will learn how to preserve, and take care of, the important intentions behind the anxiety you've been experiencing and actually increase your safety, stop worrying, and function better in life situations.

By working with NLP, you can discover a renewed sense of ease and confidence. You can breath again and enjoy your life.

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