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Specialization: Communication Skills

Communication -- verbal and non-verbal -- with self, others and within the mind/body system

I specialize in training individuals, couples and groups for excellence in communication skills. Communication skills cover not just verbal and non-verbal communications between oneself and others, but also, and equally important, communications between oneself and oneself internally.

The language we use with ourselves internally, its linguistic structure as well as its content, has a profound effect on our thinking, our physical responses to our thoughts, the generation of our emotions, and the nature of our communication with others.

For those who are unfamiliar with NLP, it is important to understand that we are not speaking here of proper grammar or the number of words we have in our vocabularies. Rather, we are speaking of the way we construct meaning and specific language forms which can lead either to clean, easily understood, clear communication, or which can lead to unspoken (or un-thought) confusion and implications which cause us and our relationships problems.

Linguistics and semantics are complex subjects, and my clients need not study them in depth. NLP has identified an easily learnable subset of language patterns which hold the potential for powerful change and self-improvement. These patterns, once a person becomes aware of them, can become as natural to a person's thinking and communicating as the language he or she is using now, with excellent results in the improvement of all communication.

I teach clients experientially how open up the communication channels between their conscious and unconscious minds; and how to communicate with body processes even to the cellular level, including the immune system, for the improvement of health, resistance to disease, and accelerated recovery from injuries. Once these lines of communication are open, I guide clients in the use of transformational language that promotes clarity and understanding within.

You will learn how to use your full brain -- not just your conscious mind. You'll learn the language of your mental imagery, how sound and sensation and smell and taste have languages of their own, the language of your body processes, dreams, emotions, intuition, and your collective unconscious; and the different communication styles of your internal dreamer, planner and critic.

Communication skills with others follow similar patterns, including the language of rapport, personal influence, conflict resolution and interpersonal harmony.

Excellence in communication is the fundamental prerequisite to cooperation within ourselves and relationship with others.

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