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Specialization: Marriage & Couples
Marriage, positive communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, intimacy, life balance

I work with couples in a unique way to create, re-establish, and maintain healthy, happy lives together.

Each couple I work with sees me both as a couple together, and individually. Our first session is always a couple session followed, the next week by an individual session for each person. Subsequent weeks alternate between couple sessions and individual sessions.

This approach, using NLP's powerful tools for improving communication, allows both partners the opportunity to grow individually while improving the health of their relationship.

My approach is very active -- I ask couples, with their permission and agreement, to take action for positive change. Sometimes these actions are very small, or they might be bigger -- it depends on what is needed. I sometimes ask each partner to "try on" a specific new style of relating or communicating for a limited "test" period of time to see how it fits as the couple works to establish healthier, happier patterns and boundaries.

All NLP Couples Therapy & coaching takes place in-person, in my Menlo Park, California, office. I do not conduct couples sessions via phone.

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