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Specialization: Discovering Your Mission & Purpose
Mission, Purpose, Meaning, Vision, Direction, Goals and Identity

I help clients discover and revitalize their mission and purpose in life. Doing so yields tremendous rewards in accomplishments and life satisfaction.

Imagine you're setting out on a journey of ten thousand miles. It might be a good idea to know, before you leave, what is your purpose in making the journey. You'll be making a great many decisions about your journey based on its purpose. You'll set your direction based on your purpose. You'll make specific preparations based on your purpose. And once on the journey, you'll be putting a great deal of time and effort into achieving the purpose of your trip.

The purpose of your journey derives from your personal mission -- your sense of what you are here, in this world, to do. If you have a different mission, you will have a different purpose for a different journey -- and that's what you will create. The effects will cascade through every part of your life.

All subsequent consideration,s such as direction and goals, derive from mission and purpose. If you don't know what you're doing here, and you don't know why you're doing it, you're going to have a tough time setting direction and goals. You could meander all over the map trying to discover why you're meandering. You could undertake all kinds of endeavors hoping that one of them will reveal to you what kind of endeavor you really want to undertake.

You may have heard the story of a man who spent years climbing the ladder of success only to discover, as he finally reached the top, that he had leaned the ladder against the wrong wall.

What To Do

I once saw a clever refrigerator magnet which said:

This Life Is A TEST.
It Is Only A TEST.
Had this been a real life
you would have been
instructed where to go
and what to do.

There was a time when people were born into a caste or class with a predefined mission and purpose. Children would be told where to go and what to do, as they grew up into adulthood, in order to fulfill what society expected of them. They had very little choice in the matter. These instructions were binding on them even throughout their adult lives.

But today, in America and other modern cultures, most of us are not handed our mission instructions by our parents or society at large. We're expected to choose what we want to do with our lives, and to discover for ourselves why we want to do it. We're often expected to arrive at important, life direction decisions in our teens or early twenties -- while we're still just discovering who we are and guessing at what we want.

Often, the process goes something like this: <scratching head> "Ummm... well... I like to take pictures, so maybe I should become a photographer." Or, "Mom and dad want me to become a doctor like my older brother, so I guess that's what I'll do."

The fact is, many of us don't discover what we really want to do with our lives until we're considerably older and have already made choices and traveled paths which we may, in retrospect, wish we hadn't. How many times have you heard, "If only I knew then what I know now...?"

Others live their whole lives as if adrift with neither mission nor purpose, impulsively changing course on based on whim rather than clear intention, now this way, now that, never sure which way to go or what to do.

If you've been living your life without a mission and true sense of purpose, there is some VERY good news for you. It doesn't have to be like that. You can do something about it. You can discover your mission and purpose through guided NLP.

Setting Your Own Course

I use the phrase "discover your mission" instead of "create your mission" because it is a process of self discovery within the context of something larger than yourself. In guided NLP sessions, you will move through progressively deeper connections to your source. You will discover or reconnect to a greater whole, however you choose to think of it, in your own way and your own time. No philosophy of life or spirituality is ever sold to you. It is your own life and your own "hero's journey" of discovering who you are and what you are here to do.

NLP's Methodology

Because NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience, and its approach is fully experiential (rather than purely reflective or analytical), it brings powerful tools to anyone ready to discover, revise or revitalize their mission. Because your mind is much deeper than the merely rational, it is able to represent and make discoveries in realms of experience that are far beyond the limitations we commonly impose upon ourselves.

Your mind is at home in the world of dreams and imagination. Your brain produces symbols and visions and models and meaning and language spontaneously -- all the time. In NLP work, we put your whole brain and mind to use, to discover wisdom and power you might never have known you had. When you use your brain fully, and travel across time and space and boundaries in fully represented experiences, you tap into the Source within you which already knows your mission, already knows your purpose, is already so connected with the world and something larger than you that it simply becomes known -- like you've known it all along.

It's intriguing. It's profound. It's powerful. What is your mission? Discover it with the help of guided NLP.

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