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Specialization: Money & Wealth

Money is deeply connected to our beliefs about possibility, self-worth, our expectations for the future, our sense of personal freedom, our well being, our decisions, emotions and actions.

The ability to attract wealth, to earn it, to have it, to use it and keep it comfortably are greatly influenced by how we think about money.

I work with individuals, using the tools of NLP, to uncover and transform limiting factors related to money and wealth. We re-configure connections between money and the self for a positive, life enhancing relationship. We change limiting beliefs into empowering ones. We balance work and personal life to create a healthy environment for both wealth and self fulfillment. We super-charge motivation, enable positive action, and track progress over time.

Some of my clients arrive stretched for money, while others have so much that it creates challenges for them in their attention, relationships and personal development.

Since money is such an important area of life, addressing it with NLP is one of the most rewarding and effective investments a person can make.

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