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Specialization: Outlook and Positive Attitude
Positive outlook, attitudes and habits of thinking for health and happiness.

I specialize in helping people create choice in the way they view their world, their expectations, and their habits of thinking.

Outlook and attitude affect all of the following:

Many people believe that a person's general outlook is determined by their personality, such as, "I'm an optimistic person. He's a pessimistic person," etc.

NLP puts this myth to rest. Anyone can achieve an empowering, positive outlook -- no matter what their "personality type," no matter what their personal history. Outlook is the result of specific patterns of thinking and perception which a person can change in guided NLP sessions.

Default styles of thinking, such as always looking for the negative first, expecting the worst to happen on a default basis, or seeking always to move away from negatives instead of towards positives, these and other patterns can be changed for the positive in ways that operate appropriately and automatically to serve you better.

Positive outlook is particularly important to health and healing, including recovery from catastrophic illness or injuries.

NLP is not simple "look on the bright side" advice or a regimen of rote affirmations. It is real, systemic change in the way you perceive your world and how you think about and interpret events. You can change your mind, and you can keep the change.

I help clients recover and heal from past traumas, and move forward to become the kind of person to whom good things can happen in the future.

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