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Specialization: Pain Management
Pain reduction, pain management and pain elimination without drugs.

I help clients with severe or chronic pain who have reached the limits of what traditional medicine can do for them. I teach powerful mind/body techniques to reduce, manage and even completely eliminate pain in any part of the body.

NLP and self-hypnosis work well in this regard because the brain and nervous system are inter-connected -- they are really one system. Signals travel both to and from the brain -- to and from every part of your body. By using the nervous system as a communication channel, the brain and body can work out new arrangements for sending signals which do not involve the experience of pain.

In cases where you consciously know there is nothing your body needs to alert you about (such as "phantom" pain in a lost limb, or conditions which are already being treated or appropriately taken care of), yet you are still experiencing pain, you can create a safe and fully functioning internal process that can allow the pain signals to simply stop.

When such new arrangements are put into effect, the pain simply turns off like a light switch. It's one of the most amazing miracles of how your mind and body can work together to improve your quality of life.

Important note: I strongly advise all clients who are experiencing pain to first consult their physician before seeking alternative and complementary health care.

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