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Specialization: Panic & Phobias

Panic attacks, phobias, acute anxiety and irrational fear reactions.

I work with adult individuals who experience acute fear in situations where their fear, itself, undermines their safety, causes them extreme discomfort, or prevents them from functioning in specific contexts.

NLP has a very high success rate with panic and phobia problems.

If you work with me using NLP, I will help you discover the patterns that drive your fear and learn how to replace them with more positive, functional patterns that will keep you safe, happy and comfortable while allowing you to remain resourceful.

NLP is not a "desensitization" process. You will never be asked to "overcome" your fear by putting yourself in any situation that makes you uncomfortable. Nor will you be asked to "face" your fear by "confronting" unpleasant memories or experiences. NLP is, at once, more gentle and many times more powerful than any of the old-model "desensitization" techniques.

"Simple phobias" which stem from a single traumatic incident in the past can be addressed, usually, in just a few sessions. More generalized fears and anxieties with more complex structures relating to your beliefs about yourself, your existence and spirituality, your childhood or other significant relationship issues, and general patterns of outlook and attitude can also be successfully addressed with NLP.

If you suffer from agoraphobia, there is no need to come into my office. We can work effectively on the phone.

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