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Specialization: Perfectionism
Perfectionist expectations, chronic self-criticism, and difficulties in setting and accomplishing reasonable, achievable goals

Perfectionism is often confused with having high standards. High standards are a good thing. But perfectionism imposes an unyielding self-criticism which is both unrealistic and debilitating.

Perfectionism is the result of several neuro-linguistic patterns operating together to create stress, internal conflict, inconsistent motivation, and limited performance which does not meet a person's own goals.

Using the powerful tools of NLP, I work with you to identify, loosen and revise limiting beliefs, reframe unuseful patterns of thinking and feeling, improve internal communication, and rediscover a core self that operates from appreciation and forward thinking, rather than from fear.

By moving beyond perfectionism and releasing habitual self-criticism, you will be enabled to reach new levels of performance excellence and live a happier more successful life.

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