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Specialization: Performance Excellence
Performance excellence, peak performance, and staying in "the zone"

Peak performance is an important goal for business professionals, artists, athletes, surgeons, presenters, and individuals in many other fields.

Peak performance requires mind and body state management -- the ability to choose a fully resourceful state and maintain it whenever you need it. It also requires internal congruity -- the absence of ongoing internal conflicts which drain energy and occupy mental resources.

When conflicts and other mind/body issues are resolved, you have access to your own best resources and you can learn how to manage your state in ways that enhance your performance.

State management skills include a level of internal communication and 'parts' cooperation that provides for an unhindered balance between an individual's identity, beliefs and values, capabilities, behaviors, and functioning in the context of goals and activities.

I work with clients to gain clarity, achieve internal congruity, and acquire effective NLP skills for accessing peak states, changing states, 'texturing' states, maintaining focus, and achieving performance excellence in any endeavor including: writing, sports, music, dance, presentation, public speaking, art, business, study, job interviews, and more.

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