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Specialization: Procrastination

Procrastination is an effect of internal incongruity resulting from lack of communication between internal parts, self-criticism, overwhelmed multi-tasking, and identity confusion.

Typically, one part of a person considers another part to be lazy and ineffective, while the other part considers the first to be bossy and overbearing and thus withholds cooperation.

The result is that a person may set goals to perform tasks which, when it comes time to perform them, "somehow" get set aside in favor of less important activities -- followed later by guilt or self-criticism for not having performed to expectations.

In NLP, this type of behavior is considered a "parts conflict" which can be worked out between the parts in such a way that internal agreements can be made, better communication can take place on an ongoing basis, and integration of parts can allow fulfillment of the positive intentions of the person as a whole.

I help you in discovering, identifying and resolving the causes of procrastination, and guide you in powerful NLP processes for setting and achieving your goals.

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