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Re-Storying Your Life with NLP

Every person has the potential to tell either a sad life story or a positive life story. And both stories can be true.

Gail's Life

This is a true story. When Gail first started seeing me, she could not recall a single good thing that happened to her before the age of 35 -- not even one. Asked to do so, her mind would go completely blank, like nothing was there.

Now in her 70s, she was convinced that she'd had a learning disability all her life because one of her teachers, when she was a little girl, constantly told her she was stupid and couldn't learn.

Her family of origin was full of unhappy stories. Whenever she'd recall any part of her younger past, her eyes would fill with tears and she would choke-up as she recounted one painful event after another.

Fast Forward

One of the key things we did to help her was that we began re-storying her life with NLP.

Imagine fast forwarding time to a few months later.

Now, if you asked Gail about her younger life, her whole face would spontaneously light up!  She'd smile -- every time -- a genuine, full, relaxed smile -- and she could tell you, for hours, one good thing after another that had happened to her, and how even the negative events had brought her hidden gifts that helped her move forward to an incredible life.

This wasn't some parlor trick or self deception. Gail realized something now which a part of her had always known was true, that she is a tremendously creative, intelligent human being whose life has been devoted, in large measure, to learning!

Now, I don't know if that sounds impressive to anyone reading this page, but to her it was a life changing event.

Her past was no longer a drag on her, but now a great support and motivator. Her physical appearance and health improved. Her relationships improved. People commented on how good she looked, and they noticed somehow that something genuinely happy must be going on for her. And when she thought about her life, she enjoyed the present and looked to the future with a sense of mission and purpose and living her life to the fullest.

What a change! And the change stayed with her. It was foundational.

The Difference

What made the difference?  I can tell you what it wasn't.

It wasn't someone saying to Gail, "Oh, come on, you know you've had some good experiences. Your life hasn't been all that bad. Look on the bright side!" And it wasn't Gail repeating affirmations to herself like, "I've had a good life... I've had a good life... I've had a good life... and I appreciate everything that has happened to me."

And it wasn't Gail spending years in psychoanalysis retelling her sad story over and over again and crying a thousand tears in attempts to understand it or get over it.

What made the difference was NLP's unique ability to help her open the windows of her mind to new possibilities in a truthful, realistic, and nearly miraculous way.

How Does It Work?

This may sound technical, and a person doesn't need to know how it works to make full use of NLP. But for those who are curious, most of us allow our brains to operate reflexively, without any control over how our memories are selected.

With NLP, you get tools to easily instruct your brain how to do things the way you want them done. And with NLP, your brain will listen.

Why?  Well, for one thing you learn how to speak your brain's language so it can understand what you want.

For example, our brains' memory selection process is not random. It follows patterns we use habitually without even being aware of them. Out of the nearly infinite experiences in our lives, our brains select only certain memories -- and those only in a certain way -- to present to our conscious awareness.

Happily, we're not stuck with only one selection process -- we can change it, create new processes, and improve the quality of our memories, no matter what our age.

In re-storying work, I can help you identify and replace harmful and outmoded memory patterns which are:

Good News

Wouldn't it be great to get rid of patterns like that?  Whew!  ...Breath a sigh of relief!  It is possible, and you can do it with NLP.

Once we have replaced those old patterns with positive, healthy patterns, I can guide you in re-creating your own life story using your real memories together with deeper truths and better resources.

Because we do this using NLP, your brain will adopt and use these changes automatically for you -- you won't have to repeat affirmations or continually try to convince yourself of anything. This level of change is systemic, deep, and genuine.

You can keep the change for as long as you live, and enjoy it spontaneously. You can alter or enhance the change any time you wish, on purpose, and on your own. Your life story will come to enhance every aspect of your health, happiness and life experience.

What kind of life story would you rather have? One that holds you back and makes you sad? Or one that supports you and brings happiness?

I specialize in showing you how to use your brain to actually achieve your best hopes with NLP.


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