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Specialization: Healing Shame

John Bradshaw pointed out in his excellent book, "Healing The Shame That Binds You," that there are two kinds of shame:

NLP addresses toxic shame on a number of levels. Toxic shame is almost always interjected, that is, having it's original source in the behaviors and communications of significant others in our past. With NLP, we are not stuck with a permanent legacy from those interactions. We can de-interject them and free ourselves from their destructive influence.

Patterns of thought, feeling, behavior, and identity which resulted from interjected shame, can be effectively repatterned with NLP to provide supportive, ongoing experience and more functional behaviors that are, at once, more true and realistic, and more supporting and self-affirming, opening the way for self-confidence, creativity, spontaneity, self worth, and greater life fulfillment.

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