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Specialization: Trauma Recovery
Trauma recovery, post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, and eliminating recurring fears and flashbacks

Regardless of the source or type of trauma, NLP can dramatically reduce and even completely eliminate recurring episodes of "PTSD". NLP does not consider post-traumatic stress to be a "disorder" but a pattern which can be changed.

Because NLP works directly with how the brain codes, stores and recalls experience, there is no need for you to spend countless hours and dollars on analyzing or painfully "re-living" traumatic events in order to attempt to heal them.

I guide you in processes which are safe, easy, pleasant and powerfully effective.

Most clients experience permanent, nearly "magical" relief from this type of problem using NLP.

In cases where past traumas led to the creation of limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors, you have the ability to follow trauma recovery with powerful NLP processes for replacing limiting factors with positive, empowering patterns of thought, feeling and action.

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