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Specialization: Victims of Violence

Victims of violence have not only the trauma of the violence and its aftereffects to deal with, but often self-recrimination, injuries to self esteem, violation of self concept, ongoing fears about safety, anger both at perpetrators and agencies they believed would protect them, violation of their deepest core values, interpersonal difficulties and somatic illness.

Violence, whether it is physical, verbal or emotional, doesn't end with the deeds or words, but continues to cause pain and harm to its victims and their families and friends long after the event.

Whether the events were recent or long ago, I help you to re-construct your dignity, your sacred sense of self, to feel clean again, to create safety and security, to heal shame or guilt, and to attract positive people and influences into your life.

Creating new pathways to a healed life and a self-empowered future requires powerful tools like those of NLP.

If you've been victimized by violence, or if you know someone who has, NLP is a tremendous available resource.

I work with victims of violence both in person, in my Menlo Park, California office, and over the phone nationwide and around the world.

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