How is NLP Coaching different from ordinary coaching?

If you search the web for executive or personal coaches, in addition to finding descriptions of the benefits which coaching can provide, you'll find a common coaches' rule about clients -- that they are only "ready" for coaching if they are "emotionally stable and not going through any major, personal period of crisis or distress," and that most of their "family of origin issues and conflicts have been resolved."

Yet emotions, crisis, distress, family of origin issues, and conflicts are among the most common factors that limit a person's success. Few people have purely conceptual obstacles to reaching their goals.

An experienced, professional NLP Master Practitioner who is also a Certified Coach is a greater resource to anyone seeking help with a goal or a problem because such practitioners are not out of their depth when the water gets deep. They can professionally guide you to the resolution of deep emotional, self concept, behavioral and relational issues and move forward in ways which ordinary coaches cannot.

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