Learning about  NLP is useful.

Knowing that an orange is good to eat is also useful.

But holding an orange in your hands, seeing it spray as you peel away the skin, smelling its intense fragrance, popping it into your mouth and biting down as its juicy sweetness explodes in your mouth -- that is entirely different!

To benefit the most from NLP, experience it for yourself.

Feature Articles

Help for "Depression" with NLP :  Releasing old patterns can come more easily than we may ever have imagined

To Change or Not to Change :  That is the question

Self-Confidence and Humility:  Are they related?

NLP Concepts and Models

A Few Basic NLP Concepts:  Definitions and introductions to 7 useful NLP concepts

NLP Neuro-Logical Levels: A Practical Model for Healthy Self-Organization

Perceptual Positions:  Changing mental camera angles, switching radio stations, and walking a mile in different shoes

The NLP Meta Model:  22 language patterns to handle with care

Meta Model Presuppositions: Advanced language patterns for serious students of NLP

Meta Programs:  Advanced patterns of thinking that control what you perceive -- and how to change them

Three Presuppositions of NLP

Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intention:  A powerful idea or is this a quote from Pollyanna?

The Map Is Not The Territory:  NLP's 1933 roots and why eating menus isn't pretty

There Is No Such Thing As Failure, Only Feedback:  Observing cleanly without jumping to conclusions

Making The Most of NLP

Can NLP Help Me?  Applications of NLP

NLP By Phone:  When is phone work appropriate and effective?

Using NLP On Your Own:  How far can you go with books and seminars? What can you do on your own?

NLP and Spirituality

At the top of NLP's neurological levels is Spirituality – a powerful self-organizing influence on our identity, beliefs and values, capabilities and behaviors. Learn more about NLP's relevance to the major world religions:



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