Change may be Easier than you thought.  

"Depression" is feeling down, blue, despondent, unmotivated, hopeless, low energy, pessimistic and/or disinterested in life or the future.

Many people think "depression" is something that only years of psychotherapy and/or anti-depressant medications can relieve.


Learn how to re-program

your thoughts and emotions,

Stop Depressing and Feel Better Quickly

with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I know some folks may be thinking, "That's impossible."  Well, perhaps, for some, it is -- particularly while they believe that it's impossible.  But I never believed that feeling better without years of psychotherapy and/or anti-depressants was impossible for anyone.

I've helped hundreds of people resolve serious problems, overcome "depression," and achieve major goals.

Hello, my name is John David Hoag.  As an NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist, I look at processes, not diagnoses, to help people change the ways they use their brains for a better quality of life, feeling and experience.

For most people, NLP works wonders in just weeks or months. And it's drug-free.  

NLP uses the most powerful tool of all – your brain, itself – to change the internal processes that are bringing you down. NLP is not a "treatment" -- NLP Puts YOU Back In the Driver's Seat -- it will be you making the most important changes of your life with the guidance of a professional NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist to show you how.

Feel Clear and Light Again

What people call "depression" is a process, not a thing. We don't even use the word "depression" in NLP because it is simply not helpful. That's why I put "depression" in quotes.

My unique application of NLP cuts through "depressing" old patterns in record time, usually in weeks or months rather than years. You can see LIGHT at the end of the tunnel again -- and you can get OUT of that tunnel and live the life you really want to live:

I developed this process to get to the heart of "depression" quickly and MAKE IT GO AWAY.


"But I've been depressed my whole life," you say? Take heart.  It doesn't matter how long you've been "depressed".

I've seen lives change quickly time and again, even with very old patterns. You see, if you can change a pattern, it doesn't matter how long it's been sitting there waiting for you to change it.

If a room has been dark for a thousand years and someone brings a light into it, does the darkness take another thousand years to go away?  Nope. When the light comes, the darkness vanishes.  It happens right away!

But let's do a quick...


Do people who release their "depression" still encounter challenges in their lives?  Sure!

Are there still important things they may want to work on? Of course. None of us are finished products. We can always grow and learn.

Can things occasionally still get a person down, or make them angry or sad? Of course! We're not cranking out "happy robots" here. We're all human beings with a full range of emotions, even in the best of times. That's healthy!

The thing is, we want to be able to deal with our challenges in a better frame of mind. When we do that, we make excellent progress in other areas of our lives almost immediately. What a difference!

I know this may sound surprising, but...

I LOVE working with "depressed" people.

Why? Because their improvement is so dramatic! It makes me feel great to see and hear their successful return to a good state of mind.

Please understand, I'm not saying you can solve every problem in your whole life in no time at all. And I'm not promising a time frame of weeks or months to every person in the whole world. A big part of it depends on you – your willingness to allow me to help you, to try new things, to release old patterns, your desire to change, your openness to self-exploration and new concepts.  

It all comes down to just one thing ...

You really WANT to release your "depression".

You CAN escape "depression".  Quickly.  The power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes it possible.

"Quickly," for you, might be a couple of weeks or months, or you might want to take more time with it. We go at your pace.

There is no pressure to change. And we will make no changes until all parts of you are fully aware and ok with the change you want to make.  We call that paying attention to the ecology of your whole being. If there are additional issues you want to work on, we can do that, too.

Here's something else you'll like.

We all know that everyone in the world has problems. Sometimes very difficult ones. But most of those people aren't "depressed". Know what? ...and this is great... When a person's "depression" lifts, they are better at solving their problems. One thing after another starts improving.

The JOY comes back!

Read what some of my previously "depressed" clients have said to me, and about me. My work with clients is completely confidential, so I have omitted names.  These quotes are provided with permission. I believe their authenticity speaks for itself.

In Their Own Words...

"One of The Best"

"Working with John was one of the best things I have done for myself in my life.

"I felt more validated by his 'sponsorship' than by any other self-help method or person in my life.

"He is amazingly compassionate and had more faith in me than I had in myself...

"Thank you, John, for all you gave me."

"Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

"I chose John for his technique and personality. As a client, I recommend him for his method and excellent results.

"By the time we got the to the third item on my list of changes I hoped to make, I could no longer remember why I had any of the items on my list. I could not even imagine that they were ever problems.

"John guided me through some major shifts in perception which have had positive and cascading effects. Respectful and Diligent are two other attributes I would use to describe John. I felt that he cared for me throughout the therapeutic experience.

"His top qualities are: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity."

"The Most Rewarding Thing I've Ever Done"

"This is the most important and rewarding thing I've ever done in my life."

"Achieving My Highest Good"

"I found NLP to be a low stress but high impact kind of work, different from psychodynamic therapy in not seeking to relive and expose my lowest lows, but focused on identifying and achieving my highest good.

"In effect you asked me, 'What is best, brightest and most beautiful in you, so that you can live it out starting right now?'

"And I CAN!"

"Today, I Am Empowered"

"With great respect and empathy, you received and safely held the reality that I presented, even when it seemed to be surreal and overwhelming to me.

"Skillfully, you identified some troublesome thinking patterns. Masterfully, you gently and curiously engaged me at a different level, so that I could discover for myself how I was perpetuating my own suffering. This distinguished our work from traditional therapy.

"In our exploration, you guided me to create immediate change in the structure of my experience, respecting all the aspects that make up “me” and “my life.”

"Today, I am empowered with new ways of being, thinking, and perceiving. There is a consistent and unqualified spaciousness in my life."

"I Experienced A General Improvement"

"As a result of my work with John, I experienced a general improvement in my attitude and mood, and I also noticed that specific habitual ways of experiencing life shifted or had been reframed."

"An Environment of Trust and Adventure"

"John provides an environment of trust and adventure, of being in a caring spiritual place with insight, clarity and humor."

"I felt tremendous relief... God Bless You!"

"When I first saw you, I had been 'diagnosed' by several psychiatrist/psychologists as presenting with 'clinical depression.' I was out of work, engaged in unhealthy relationships, and hardly had the energy to get out of bed. I was at the end of the line, hopeless.

"By the end of our first month of work, I felt tremendous relief and my mood lifted considerably.

"It continued to improve as we worked together. My life seemed to have turned a corner. In the sixth month working with you, loneliness started to be a forgotten experience.

"God Bless you!"

GREAT Side Effects

The only side effects of lifting "depression" with NLP are all GREAT side effects.

For instance, people like people who are generally optimistic and forward looking. People will like you better when you're not "depressed" anymore, they'll respond to you better, and you'll have better relationships in both your business and personal life. That may not be your primary goal, but it's a very nice benefit.

You'll feel great about you, and that's contagious. People may wonder if you just won the Lotto. You'll begin to notice that people admire you and seek out your company more. They'll naturally be more attracted to you. And with your better state of mind, success itself will be attracted to you.

Have you ever known someone like that, whose outlook is so naturally and unaffectedly positive that it's just a pleasure to be in their company? That could be you!

A Reason for Living

You'll have a great reason for living and looking forward to the future – to keep feeling as good as you already do (after your "depression" has been lifted).

And here's another benefit. Once your "depression" patterns are changed and stabilized, you can ask your doctor about getting off anti-depressants*, if you've been using them. No more side effects and ongoing expense. No more depending on pharmaceuticals just to make you feel normal and happy.

When you feel good naturally, you'll know that it's because you really do feel good.

As if that's not enough...

Lifting Your "Depression" Will Triple Your Self-Confidence

It'll be like an easy upward lift – you'll feel good, and that will give you more self-confidence, and that will make you feel even better and more at ease, which will give you even more self-confidence, and you'll feel even better and better until you feel absolutely great. And you'll know it's real because you did it yourself.

Your whole level of life will rise. Talk about a higher standard of living!

Nothing feels better than just feeling naturally good.

Now, I know this next sentence sounds "canned," but really I think it's a very good question: So What Are You Waiting For?

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