"The term spiritual is used in Systemic NLP to refer to the subjective experience of being part of a larger system; one that reaches beyond ourselves as individuals...

"Depending on the individual or culture, the subjective experience of the spiritual may be represented in terms of a personal 'God,' a whole realm of gods and spirits, a diffuse energy connecting everything in the universe, a vast impersonal order, or as an initiating power, coming to human life and touching it from beyond itself...

"It is the awareness of, what anthropologist and systems theorist Gregory Bateson called, 'the pattern which connects' all things together into a larger whole."

-- Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier


NLP puts spirituality at the top of its "neuro-logical levels" – an advanced model of human self-organization which manifests in our thinking, feeling and actions, with profound effects on our health and peace of mind:

NLP is not, itself, a spiritual practice or philosophy. Rather, NLP respects each person's spirituality as that person defines it, while observing that the higher the neuro-logical level, the more it affects each of the levels below it.

Since the 'spirituality' level is such a powerful organizer of experience, and since it is so variously defined and understood, the relevance of NLP to each of its major types is of interest both to NLP practitioners and many potential clients alike.

For this reason, the following short articles present a selection of quotes and brief comments relating NLP to each of the major world religions and popular frames for representing "'the pattern which connects' all things together into a larger whole."

New articles will be posted monthly.

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